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My creative universe

If you don't know my work, welcome... and if you already know it, hasn't it escaped your notice that I systematically use cement in my creations?!

But why?.. you may be wondering?

It all started from the idea that if we found ourselves in a post-apocalyptic society, having to survive in the ruins of our cities, I would continue to create beautiful things. I would rummage through the ruins to collect shards of concrete and other materials in order to work them together and transform them into unique and elegant jewelry!

From this projection, the idea was born of using cement as a material common to all my creations; natural, hypoallergenic, light, transformable in multiple ways... I put it at the service of my creativity through six collections, both different and linked by my dystopian creative universe!

1) Urban Chic Collection

This collection is directly inspired by the ruins of our concrete constructions: cement, straight lines, geometric shapes and the association with crystal, 24K gold leaf and 999 silver. You will find jewelry with a modern style and urban, sets of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, to be worn as a set or mismatched.

This is the first collection to have seen the light of day and the closest to the initial idea.

2) Veg'Power Collection

This seemed obvious to me, directly following the Urban Chic collection.

Just observe how nature behaves in abandoned ruins: it simply takes back its rights! It is therefore the power of nature that inspired me this line of jewelry , with all the impact and in particular the imprints that the plants impose on the remaining pieces of construction.

I chose to work with the leaves (ivy, philodendron, ginkgo biloba), the arum flower, the seeds (Shiva's tears, sesame, acai berry, Job's tear), which all have a symbolic, a legend, even associated virtues. The shapes are softer, organic, circles... and I add color to them as is the case in nature!

Of course, this collection, like the others, will see new products appear with the use of other plants!

3) Urban Fossil Collection

In my imaginary dystopian world, many objects become unusable or useless, and it is with this idea that I imagined jewelry made from objects that are broken, obsolete or that could become so. So I made the first pieces of jewelry in this collection with broken watches, the mechanisms of which I recovered to incrust them, I'll give you that in a thousand words, in cement!

The creations of this collection are therefore based on the principle of upcycling , in line with my values and what's more, contributes to delaying the end of an apocalyptic society that is hanging over us!

Moreover, the next new products will join this collection, created from old silverware...

4) Mineral Sample Collection

For these creations, gemstones are honor! In my creative world, in ruins and under layers of concrete, it is necessary to core the soil to extract the minerals.

It is therefore the idea of taking samples from the ground, crossing the layers of concrete, which inspired the shape of the pendants.

This collection is made up of necklace and earring sets based on gemstones such as labradorite, red jasper, phrenite, turquoise etc...

5) Men’s Collection

As its name suggests, this collection is composed of jewellery for men.

Here, it’s men’s interests that inspire me!

Thus, the lines available today belong to the themes of navigation, mechanics, the military world and DIY. There are plans to integrate electronics into this collection!

Of course, I remain consistent with the use of cement in my creations, integrating it as a material where elements of the chosen themes would be frozen.

6) Cosmos Collection

Ah the cosmos!.. An immobile anchor on our scale, a symbol of infinity, eternity and stability.

Just look up to the sky to forget the state of our planet for a moment! We feel insignificant in the face of this immense reality which is beyond us and it is soothing. The stars tell us that they exploded long before our existence and will still be visible long after! It puts things into perspective and the sky is so beautiful!

It'sthe collectiona little different , which reminds us that a dystopian world will never be limited to our planet...

In short, for these creations I created three lines;

one inspired by the starry sky, the second by comets and the third by the moon! This is the perfect collection for lovers of poetic and sparkling jewelry!

There you go, you know almost everything about my creative world!

Between fascination and concern for dystopian universes, I used theoretical apocalyptic projections to both inspire myself and implement an eco-responsible manufacturing method!

I hope this article interested you and that you learned a little more about my work?!

Tell me if my sources of inspiration speak to you, if you have a favorite collection... or if you have any questions! See you soon...

Creatively yours;


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