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Liane Flower Ring

Liane Flower Ring

SKU: 068

Handcrafted bronze brass ring and round plate (25mm), made from cement and natural seeds;

- a seed of rudraksha or tear of Shiva

- 8 liquorice seeds or rosary peas (be careful not to ingest it, it is toxic!)

- 8 white sesame seeds

The finger size is adjustable from size 52 to 61 with the opening at the top so as not to catch clothes. You can wear it as an adornment with the matching earrings or necklace!

The ring is delivered in its matching box, decorated by hand!

  • Did you know?

    The licorice seed, is the seed of Abrus precatorius, a small very talkative vine found in dry areas of low altitude in the tropics around the world. The roots, stems and leaves contain, like licorice, a high content of glycyrrhizin with a sweet taste, but beware of the seeds that ingested can be fatal! They are of constant weight and were once used in Africa to weigh gold and precious stones.

  • Maintenance tips

    Remove the ring to wash your hands or bathe, it may be damaged.

Delivery in 2 to 8 days, free in France from 60 € of purchase

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