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Acai ivy leaf ring

Acai ivy leaf ring

SKU: 013

Brass ring with bronze finish with 25mm round cement cabochon, decorated with a carved ivy leaf and cold enameled in light green and inlaid with a natural Shiva tear.

The finger size is adjustable from 52 to 61.

Note that these are unique pieces and that there are therefore slight differences with the photos from one jewelry to another.

  • Did you know?

    The seed of Shiva is contained in a blue fruit native to Asia and Australia. A Hindu legend has it that during one of his meditations, Shiva, the god who brings good luck, had a vision of the wishes and sufferings of the world that made him cry. A tear fell to the ground and gave birth to a tree whose seeds are also called "Tears of Shiva". Beneficial and beneficent virtues are attributed to the Rudrakshas or tears of Shiva, which would emit electromagnetic waves. Commonly used in rosary beads (mâlâ), their powerful radiance would strengthen our own energy field. The most common seed with 5 facets or Mukhi, is said to prolong life by giving peace and inner strength.

Delivery in 2 to 8 days, free in France from 60 € of purchase

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