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Lierre açaï long necklace

Lierre açaï long necklace

SKU: 012

Long necklace with round pendant (4cm) in concrete carved from a real ivy leaf, cold enameled in a light green and

embellished with a natural Brazilian acai seed.

Metallic bronze leather cord; adjustable length up to approx. 70cm.

Note that these are unique pieces and that there are therefore slight differences with the photos from one jewelry to another.

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  • Did you know?

    The acai seed comes from the acai berry, native to South America and well known for its nutritional qualities.

    A legend says that it takes its name from the daughter of the chief of an indigenous tribe; Iaça (backwards acai), who put an end to her father's order to sacrifice all newborn girls, in order to allow their people to survive when food resources were insufficient. One full moon night, consumed by the sorrow of the sacrifice of her own daughter, she thought she saw her again and took her in her arms. In the morning, we found his lifeless body hugging the trunk of a palm tree, his gaze fixed at the top on the famous acai berries, which saved the tribe from starvation and made it possible to stop the sacrifices!

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