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Lierre Job long necklace

Lierre Job long necklace

SKU: 016

Adjustable long necklace with round cement pendant (diam 4cm) decorated with a carved ivy leaf and cold enameled in a deep red, and decorated with a natural Job's Tear charm.

Everything is mounted on a metalized bronze leather cord adjustable up to about 70cm long.

Note that these are unique pieces and that there are therefore slight differences with the photos from one jewelry to another.

  • Did you know?

    Job's tears originate from tropical Asia.

    They are annual grasses that can reach 2m and like humid areas. In Africa, they are placed under the pillow to help children sleep and the leaves are chewed to soothe toothaches.

    Job's seed teething necklace is said to be most effective in relieving babies' seizures when their first teeth appear, but it should not be worn in the mouth.

    These seeds are not afraid of humidity.

Delivery in 2 to 8 days, free in France from 60 € of purchase

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