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Fleur de Liane earrings

Fleur de Liane earrings

SKU: 069

Dangling earrings in cement and vegetable pearls; liquorice seeds and white sesame in the drops, tears of Shiva suspended at the end of the chains. They are about 10cm long and the hooks and ball chains are made of brass and bronze.

These long dangles highlight the port of the head with a hairstyle, and feminize a short cut beautifully! They also remind us of the need to preserve plant biodiversity!

You can wear them alone or matched with the necklace and / or ring from the same collection!

  • Maintenance tips

    Take off the earrings for bathing and showering, in order to keep them beautiful for a long time.

  • Did you know?

    The licorice seed, is the seed of Abrus precatorius, a small very talkative vine found in dry areas of low altitude in the tropics around the world. The roots, stems and leaves contain, like licorice, a high content of glycyrrhizin with a sweet taste, but beware of the seeds that ingested can be fatal! They are of constant weight and were once used in Africa to weigh gold and precious stones.

Delivery in 2 to 8 days, free in France from 60 € of purchase

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